Class Actions

Stonebarger Law has successfully represented millions of consumers through class action litigation by protecting the rights of individuals who would otherwise be unable to protect themselves from unfair and unlawful business practices.

Class Actions are a vital tool for individual consumers and employees with limited resources to protect their rights against large corporations that adopt unlawful practices and policies fueled by corporate greed. A class action is a type of lawsuit that allows one person or a small number of people to sue a business on behalf of a large group of individuals with the same or similar claims. By allowing one person or a small number of people to protect the rights of many, the Class Action provides a means to remedy small claims that would not likely be brought on an individual basis due to the expensive nature of litigation. The California Supreme Court has specifically recognized the Class Action device as an invaluable tool to remedy and deter corporate malfeasance. Naturally, an ever-growing amount of corporate money and resources are spent to discredit Class Action lawsuits and the attorneys who file them. Nevertheless, Class Actions remain as one of the most effective and necessary tools available to protect the "little guy".

At Stonebarger Law, our Class Action Attorneys have vast experience in a variety of consumer and employee related Class Actions.  Our Attorneys have successfully served as Lead or Co-Lead Class Counsel prosecuting numerous Class Actions to Judgment against large corporations for violations of California consumer protection statutes, recovering tens of millions of dollars in benefits for individuals across the country.

Class Action Categories