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California couple's legal claims center on Samsung phones that burst into flames

Samsung Electronics hit with lawsuit due to smartphone malfunction

Samsung now hit with lawsuit over exploding Galaxy S6 Active

CNN news report on retailer's acquisition of consumer Zip codes:

Office Max Settles ZIP Code Collection Suit


Nike Can't Outrun ZIP Code Collection Suit


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The Litigator: “Pillah” Talk© with Gene Stonebarger, California Lawyers Magazine Attorney of the Year

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Local lawyer Stonebarger wins state Supreme Court case

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ZIP Codes Suits Keep Piling Up

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What Can Thieves Find Using Your Zip Code?

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Court: CA Stores Can't Ask Charging Customers For Zip Codes

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Stores Face Lawsuits Over ZIP Code Collecting


California high court: Retailers can't request cardholders' ZIP code

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Consumers sue retailers over ZIP Code queries


Calif. Court Backs Fees In $36M Restoration Hardware Suit

Louis Vuitton Pays $1M To Settle Customer Privacy Claims

Reservist's Back Pay Action Against United Moves Forward

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California Court Rules ZIP Codes ARE Personal ID Info


Stores Can't Ask For Customer ZIP Codes: CA Supreme Court

Oakland Tribune Mercury News

Suit filed against 21 national retailers for asking customers for zip codes


California court rules against Williams-Sonoma

California lawmakers ask: What's in a zip code?

S.F. Chronicle

Stores can't ask for ZIP codes at time of purchase

Sacramento Bee

Storing customer's ZIP code violates California law, high court rules

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Calif. Supreme Court to Retailers: Stop With the ZIP Code Questions

Plaintiffs' Lawyers Make Quick Work of Calif. ZIP Code Ruling

Ruling on Zip Codes Spawns Suits Against Retailers

Washington Post

'Your Zip code, please?'No, Calif. court rules.

Westlaw News & Insight

California stores cannot ask for customer zip codes, court rules.